28-29 June 2017
The Peninsula Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Commodore Joel S. Garcia

Philippine Coast Guard

11:40 AM Protecting and Securing Philippines’ EEZ and Search and Rescue Operations in the Philippines

·         Improving the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance operations in the Philippines: How has the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) utilized cost-effective technologies and assets to improve their humanitarian assistance operations?
  • Overcoming non-traditional threats in the Philippines: Combatting illegal fishing, drug trafficking,  and armed robbery
  • Enhancing search and rescue operations through better inter-agency cooperation in the Philippines
  • Highlighting the PCG’s upcoming requirements and procurement timelines for new assets and technology: Updates on the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project
  • Procurement plans for 2017 and beyond to support to 15-to-5 fleet transformation 

12:40 PM Panel Discussion: Interagency Cooperation and Collaboration to Enhance Maritime Security in the Philippines: Challenges and Opportunities

·         Highlighting current joint-organisational efforts in maritime surveillance and security operations
·         Identifying areas of improvement in both organisational processes and capability gaps
·         Analysing the progress made thus far and the role of the NCWCS in facilitating inter-agency efforts and collaboration

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Joel S. .

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